Schlagwort: Sleeping Church Records

ǤỨŔŪ – Nova Lvx

Brittany in the Northwest of France is not only famous for its magnificent and wild landscape, a millennia-long tradition of stubborn and proud inhabitants who defended their culture against all foreign influences (and would never say no to merry victory celebrations with roasted wild boar), but also has a very lively black metal scene, and that is from where ǤỨŔŪ are hailing. Founded in 2020 during the strange and dull times of the pandemic, the five-piece has expanded the usual black metal roots to dig into something slower, but even more deep and atmospheric by including melodic heavy and doomy elements to their dissonant, feverish riffing and blasting without denying their classic Black Metal background.

‘Nova Lvx’ is their debut album and surprises listeners not only with the most intricate and not to be outdone use of diacritical signs in their band name, but also four rather complex longtracks, an almost philosophical approach to their topic and vocals which totally stand out of your usual screaming and growling. In contrast, bandleader Jerry is not only throat singing and growling, but mainly using theatralic opera-style vocals which gives the sound of Guru something outerworldly, crazy and very eccentric, by at the same time staying true to their genre-defining blastbeats and…