Schlagwort: Abandoned Treasure

ANOUSHBARD – Abandoned Treasure

Since a long time and beyond our self-centred perception, metal has already been a global phenomenon, but even though this view is slowly widening, it is still a very European/American centred affair. Especially countries that for whatever reason, be it political, religious or social, differ a lot from Western countries and are also not the typical tourist destinations, fall through the cracks of attention of fans and labels alike. Iran certainly is one of the places about which we know and hear the least about, but of course there also enthusiastic metal fans and skilled musicians are living and playing heavy metal, even when this is not officially supported. ANOUSHBARD from the capital Tehran are some of them who could change our perception of Arab music, and put their country on the world map of metal.

Founded 2017 by the two guitarrists Siavash Motallebi and Sherwin Baradaran, the latter also perfoming all vocals, the duo released their debut ‘Mithra’ in 2020, already displaying their characteristic mix of prog metal melodies with driving, extreme, both thrash and death metal riffing and rhythmic elements, all combined with Persian folk influences and wonderful clean vocals as well as guttural growls. Whereas their first record gave a great insight both into their metal influences (think groovy SLAYER riffing meets NEVERMORE drive and complexity, and a lot of stark contrasted, mid-…